Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Huntington

Shirley and I decided to take the afternoon away from server problems, an immoral war, recess appointments of questionable illegality but unquestionable arrogance, political clowns and other things that have tended to drag us down and go to one of our favorite places for the afternoon: The Huntington Library.

The highlight of the afternoon was the Constable Landscape exhibit that will run thought April 29. This late eighteenth / early nineteenth century painter's finished work is amazing. But his full sized color "sketches" are often as amazing. You can get a feel for his work by going to the Huntington' website.

But no trip to the Huntington is complete without a stroll around the gardens. Visiting the whole gardens is a multi-day feat so we decided to visit the Japanese gardens and a few to the trails that connect them to the main galleries. We were just a little late for the full display of the camellias and azaleas but there was still color everywhere we looked. Here are a few pictures from the Huntington gardens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel your server pain: I have several of 'em in the basement. Just informal testing and personal/hobby stuff yet when they fail to perform it's a call to arms.

I recently read somewhere that the apparent intent of the recess appointment language in the original document implied that it was when the vacancy came open during Congress' recess. A somewhat different scenario than what we've grudgingly come accustomed to.

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