Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm Baaaack! Well, I'm Sort of Back

I miss blogging and the setup of my new server is going far more slowly than I had planned. So, I set up this Blogger site to stave off withdrawals. I will continue to work to get the server going but in the meantime, I will post here for a while. This is actually my second post here. My first post was a slight revision of the last post before my old server crashed. I may spiff up this site and then again, I may not. It all depends on how long I think I will be living here.

What follows is a bit of a rant. Don't read it if you are in a good mood or severally depressed or just don't care. The problem with bring up the new server as a web server revolves around a host of security issues every one of which is a pain in the rear! Software that ran on the old server with no problem will not run correctly on the new server. Sometimes as many as six levels of protection keep it from running. Each level needs to be configured properly to allow operation and at the same time maintain security. Many of these issues are not intuitive. In some cases, the software itself needs to be changed in subtle and not so subtle ways. All this is the direct result of criminal vandals who get their jollies from vandalizing other people property, in this case their websites, computer files and systems. Some of these criminals also want to use my server to do their dirty work. I hate it and I don't know for sure what to do about it. The truth is, some of the problems I am having would go away if one of my goals was not to duplicate my blog in such a way that the archives were exactly where people expected them to be. Even if I abandon this goal there would still be problems.

For the record, the new server is doing a great job on other services like email and several other things that Shirley and I do with it.


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