Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The CBS Evening Medical News

For as long as I can remember Shirley and I have watched the local news on CBS followed the CBS Evening News. We really like the 6:00 PM local news team and we were fans of most of the national CBS anchors. We even came to enjoy Katie Couric after those first few not so good weeks. But we have noticed a slow but steady change in programming that culminated in the "news" mix witnessed the last two evening: 80% of the time on medical coverage and not really even medical news in once sense. Sure, this evenings CBS Evening News with Katie Couric covered the Tal Afar bombing, the Senate vote on the special appropriations bill (and the Presidents response) and latest on the captured British service personnel were mentioned. But fully eighty percent of the program was devoted to cancer with an additional short segment of how advertising affect what kids eat and there fore their health. There was nothing on the on going Attorney General story, nothing on the withdrawal of Sam Fox's name for the position of ambassador to Belgium, nothing on several other important stories.

I think it is time for Shirley and I to find a national news outlet that provides the news. There was far more news on the Daily Show than CBS provided these last two nights.


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